Institute for the equality of women and men

The Institute for the equality of women and men

The Institute for the equality of women and men was created in December 2002 as the autonomous federal public institution responsible for guaranteeing and promoting gender equality and to combat any form of gender-based discrimination and inequality by developing and implementing a fitting legal framework, structures, strategies, tools and actions. The Institute aims at anchoring gender equality as natural in society in our actions and mentalities.  

The Institute consists of multiple units, each working in different domains, such as discrimination, sexism, intimate partner violence, the labour market, politics, gender mainstreaming, transgender issues, international issues, research… Its legal unit handles requests for information and complaints from gender discrimination victims.

How can the Institute help you?

By assisting you in legal matters

The Institute has a legal unit that handles all types of requests for information or complaints concerning discrimination based on a protected criterium such as sex or gender, as well as complaints made by transgender persons or complaints about sexism. The Institute can only handle cases that take place in Belgium. The case files are treated with complete confidentiality, free of charge and always with the agreement of the victim. The legal unit offers advice and help in the context of conciliation or judicial procedures. It also gives opinions. A notification can be introduced by completing the notification form

By making available various publications and by gathering gender-related statistics

The Institute provides citizens free of charge with a wide range of publications and studies on issues connected with gender equality such as domestic violence, pregnancy in the workplace, transgender issues, the wage gap, sexism,…

Publications available in English

The following publications are available for download. Some can also be ordered in a printed version.

The Institute:

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Institute for the equality of women and men
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